Green Mountain RSVP is for everyone 55 and older who wants to contribute their time and energy to  positively impact and improve their community. Utilize your experience, skills and interests to help nonprofit organizations.


We are sponsored by the Southwestern VT Council on Aging (SVCOA). We serve Bennington, Windham, and Windsor Counties. We are 1 of 4 RSVP programs covering Vermont. Each RSVP program is independent of one another, and housed with their own sponsor agency. We work closely together to provide similar programs that make the biggest impact in our areas.

When you join GMRSVP, you're joining a group of 386 people that volunteer in Southern VT. We partner with over 75 nonprofit stations. We provide annual recognition and social events for volunteers. We issue a bi-monthly newsletter in each county. We help support nonprofits with background checks and liability insurance for GMRSVP volunteers. 


RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) is an AmeriCorps Program, which links more than 270,000 Americans to service opportunities in national service.

Our federal grant funder provides most of the funds for our program. The grants are for 3 years and require matching funds. We receive matching funds from the State of Vermont, and many of the towns in Bennington, Windsor, and Windham Counties. We also receive in-kind donations from nonprofit organizations and businesses that we partner with.

New Look; Same Mission



Our focus area is Healthy Living, Aging in Place. We place the majority of our volunteers in programs that positively impact the lives of elders in our communities. Our grant agreement with AmeriCorps is to work with our nonprofit stations and volunteers to measure the impact of the service they provide to the community.


To gather our data, we do annual surveys to people that are served by our volunteers. We can cross-analyze this data by volunteer, common job assignments, towns, counties, and our total service area. All of the data collected helps us reflect on our program, to keep doing what works well. This data also helps us tell the story of how Older Vermonters are addressing community needs in Bennington, Windham, and Windsor Counties.

2021-2022 Grant Year Data 
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