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Seeking Arthritis Foundation Walking Group Leaders in Brattleboro Area

Leaders Needed for Walking Groups!

GMRSVP is recruiting volunteer instructors for a new Arthritis Foundation exercise program to be offered around Windham County. “Walk With Ease” has been proven to help people with arthritis, reduce pain, increase balance, strength and walking pace and improve overall health. We are currently looking for people complete the training, including CPR certification, and help lead the group with other volunteers. GMRSVP will pay all the costs of training volunteer leaders for each walking group. Leaders will lead a group three times a week for six weeks and then start a new group when ready. This is primarily outdoor walking but the group could suspend during winter or perhaps locate an indoor space. More information about the program is available at:

If you are age 55 or older and interested in taking the training and volunteering to lead a local group, please contact Steve, Volunteer Coordinator at GMRSVP, at 254-7515 or

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